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Welcome to our new site

We invite you to take a look at our organization, become a member of our holy community and partner in its most worthy cause.


Who we are

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The Tzfat Foundation is a volunteer only nonprofit organization. We are based in the holy city of Tzfat, which has been a beacon of light, refuge, and hope since ancient times.
We serve the sick, elderly and needy citizens of Tzfat, especially cancer patients. We provide transportation ‏ to clinics, doctors offices, pharmacies and hospitals. We also provide full Bikur Cholim services.
All funds received by the Tzfat Foundation go directly to patients to cover their medical care and basic expenses. We have no office and no salaries. The Tzfat Foundation has none of its own assets except for a network of dedicated volunteers and one car to transport patients.
We are asking for your support to help the people of Tzfat.
We are committed to 100% transparency and accountability for every penny we raise.

 What We Do

Among the key services we provide: 


  • Transportation to Medical appointments and treatments accompanied by a volunteer 

  • Emergency assistance 24/7

  • Referrals to the best qualified doctors for additional opinions 

  • Translation of Medical Documents

  • Coordination of paperwork and approvals from the relevant Kupa for Testing & Treatment including appointments, and complete follow up.

  • Medication supervision, guidance and obtaining the proper meds on time.

  • Palliative care for those at the end of life, keeping them as comfortable as possible

  • Notification and coordination with Chevre Kadisha and the authorities for the burial and headstone 


Our commitment


We are dedicated to serving the citizens of Tzfat diligently and honorably on a strictly volunteer basis.


We promise total transparency and accountability to our donors and patients while at the same time Strict Confidentiality and discretion is first and foremost.


Until now team of volunteers have born the costs of our Operations but we can no longer sustain the costs as our patient caseload has increased exponentially. Much of our budget is devoted to patient transportation and the average gas if gas is upwards of $140 per tank.




For Any Emergency Needs

Driving Service

For All Needs

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